Ampere Adds Debian Community to its Arm Development Initiatives

Peter Pouliot

Building a cloud native environment is not easy, but it’s absolutely critical to support the amount of data moving to the cloud. They say it takes a village and in this case, it takes an entire ecosystem – one that is built around the Arm64 platform and supported by a super-power efficient server processor built from the ground up for the cloud with the ability to scale to unprecedented core densities. As part of our goal to empower this ecosystem, we recently announced that our server processors are now supported on the Debian open source community, broadening our Arm development initiatives. This is another major milestone in Ampere’s goal to enable a true cloud native computing environment. We know fully well that the only way to be cloud native is to support the breadth of operating systems and technologies that run on those, and this partnership is major step towards achieving that goal.

By putting Ampere eMAG® into the Debian infrastructure, customers benefit from an assurance that Ampere’s products have the core underlying Linux operating system support from Debian and in turn the Debian community gets access to the most powerful built-for-cloud processors available. Customers can focus more on getting their services running and less about testing the components themselves because they’ve already been validated by the Debian community. They get to access to diverse software built and packaged on Ampere’s cloud native processors.

Ampere’s partnership with Debian supports our strategy to lead in the Arm64 server ecosystem by enabling and accelerating open source communities’ ability to build and package for AArch64 using Ampere servers. This is the first of many open source ecosystems you will see increased Ampere engagement. Stay tuned for what’s next.

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