Ampere Launches to Accelerate Hyperscale Cloud Computing Innovations

Designed 64-bit Arm® Server Architecture Delivers Highest Memory Throughput and Capacity with Lowest TCO for Next-Generation Data Centers; Led by CEO Renee James

Santa Clara, CA. (February 5, 2018) – Today a new company, Ampere™, was launched to address memory performance, cost, space and power constraints for emerging hyperscale cloud applications and next-generation data centers. Ampere was born in and built for private and public clouds and delivers customers reliable 64-bit Arm® server processors with high memory performance and substantially lower power and total cost of ownership (TCO). The company is backed by The Carlyle Group.

Ampere processors offer a modern architecture with a unique, high performance, custom core Armv8-A 64-bit server operating at up to 3.3 GHz, 1TB of memory at a power envelope of 125 watts. The processors are sampling now and will be in production in the second half of the year.

The leadership team is comprised of semiconductor and cloud computing experts, including several well-known architects from the industry. Renee James, former president of Intel, is the CEO.

“We have an opportunity with cloud computing to take a fresh approach with products that are built to address the new software ecosystem,” said James. “The workloads moving to the cloud require more memory, and at the same time, customers have stringent requirements for power, size and costs. The software that runs the cloud enables Ampere to design with a different point of view. The Ampere team’s approach and architecture meets the expectation on performance and power and gives customers the freedom to accelerate the delivery of the most memory-intensive applications and workloads such as AI, big data, storage and database in their next-generation data centers.”

About Ampere

Ampere is designing the future of hyperscale cloud computing with its 64-bit Arm server processor architecture. Born in and built for the cloud with a modern architecture, Ampere gives customers the freedom to accelerate the delivery of the most memory-intensive applications such as artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning and databases in the cloud. The Ampere family of products delivers the highest memory throughput and lowest TCO tailored for the emerging growth of cloud computing and next-generation data centers. For more information, visit


Supporting Quotes


“We’re excited to welcome Ampere Computing to the Arm64 server ecosystem. As a new company with a leadership team that has years of experience, Ampere Computing helps increase innovation in the Arm64 server ecosystem and their roadmap is well aligned with the needs of our hyperscale cloud workloads.” Dr. Leendert van Doorn, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp.



“Ampere’s high memory capacity and bandwidth per socket provides a strong platform for Oracle’s enterprise workloads. We look forward to working with Ampere on delivering high-performance solutions to our customers.” Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect at Oracle.



“The escalating growth of deep learning, artificial intelligence and anything Java-based in the cloud is accelerating the need for servers that can handle complex workloads while keeping power, size and costs down.  We are working closely with Ampere to bring to market a new generation of servers meeting the customized and unique requirements of several of our hyperscale customers.”  Paul Ju, VP & GM Hyperscale Computing, Lenovo.



“Ampere’s world-class architecture with its advanced memory performance, low power and TCO are addressing the critical demands of hyperscale cloud computing customers. We look forward to our collaboration with Ampere and congratulate them on this exciting launch.”  Dr. BJ Woo, Vice President of Business Development, TSMC.



“Momentum is building for Arm-based SoCs as an alternative to the insufficient scalability of legacy processors. Ampere understands this and combines its deep server expertise with a disruptive approach to hyperscale cloud compute. They join an ecosystem which is already accelerating distributed intelligence with the Arm architecture, and building an infrastructure designed to tackle the unprecedented avalanches of data generated by billions, and ultimately trillions, of connected devices.”   Drew Henry, senior vice president and general manager, Infrastructure Business Unit, Arm.


Red Hat

“Software coupled with the next generation of processors like those developed by Ampere is important in hybrid cloud computing. We are pleased to collaborate with Ampere to help deliver even more innovations for cloud computing.” Tim Burke, vice president, Linux Engineering, Red Hat. 


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