What to Expect

What We Offer

“Ampere has been a great starting point for me in the semiconductor industry. I have been exposed to a multitude of tasks and have had opportunities to interact with many different people within the company and the industry. All my fellow Ampers encourage and empower me to do my best. The work culture is amazing and fosters a good learning environment. In short, Great Company, Great People, and it's been a lot of fun interning here!”
“I couldn't be more excited to wake up every day and come to Ampere's office in downtown Portland! Everyone has been incredibly helpful and given me the opportunity to both learn and grow in my field. I'm becoming both a better professional and engineer through this experience.”
Tito Reinhardt
““Ampere is an amazing place to work and has a great work culture. Got to learn a lot from all the talented, experienced people.””
Seema Suresh
MSECE, Portland State University

Opportunity of a Lifetime

We hire graduate/undergraduate students with a variety of technical and non-technical expertise including ME, Physics, Math, Finance, Legal, People & Culture students. However, most of our interns are graduate level STEM students studying ECE, CE, EE, and CS.
We encourage you to apply to all positions you believe you are qualified to support. We will then work to select the one that best matches your interests and skills.
Please email talent@amperecomputing.com and we'll take care of it for you. *TIP: we like cover letters.
Initially, you can expect a 15-30 minute phone screen. Depending on the position, there will then be 2-3 technical interviews (occasionally more) between 45-60 minutes in length. During all the meetings we will be including soft skill questions and encourage you to bring your own questions as well --- we want to feel interviewed by you too!
Interviews happen on a rolling basis. Some teams move faster than others but we will do our best to provide timely updates.