Opening the Doors to True Cloud Native with Oregon State University

Peter Pouliot

There is some impressive work being done in Oregon State University’s (OSU) Open Source Lab and now they have their sights on helping to build a true cloud native world. As most people in the open source community know, the OSU Open Source Lab is committed to accelerating the growth of high-impact open source software projects and promoting an open source culture of accessibility and increased productivity. To further this goal, they just added Ampere® eMAG® server processors to their infrastructure, which means that the FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) projects will now be able to develop and test 32 bit Arm and AArch64 software on the Ampere® processor platform.

This is significant because Ampere® has delivered the first true cloud native server processor, built to provide exactly what the cloud needs. It was designed to take advantage of the expansive Arm platform, which today consists of billions of Arm-based chips used in mobile phones, laptops, tablets, IoT devices and embedded applications throughout the world.


The Partnership
The OSU Open Source Lab has partnered with Ampere® to provide free access to the AArch64 platform for FOSS projects. To do so, they built an OpenStack cluster using Ampere® eMAG® AArch64 servers and are providing flexible access using virtual machines for projects.

We recently checked in with the OSU Open Source Lab and they have been impressed with the performance and ease of use of Ampere® eMAG®. They have also been very happy with the lower power consumption of Ampere® eMAG® servers. In a rack that includes 12 Ampere® eMAG® HR350A servers, 2 10GbE Arista switches, and one ToR HPE switch, the 12 servers only use approximately 60% of the total rack power, with the rest being used by the three switches.

Providing access in an open environment can help to expand the AArch32/AArch64 software ecosystem by allowing projects to have compute resources for building, packaging, and testing for Arm architecture platforms. Because the FOSS ecosystem is made up of diverse projects that serve different communities with different needs, this partnership is a major milestone towards enabling the FOSS software ecosystems for Arm architectures. At Ampere®, we look forward to working with OSU’s Open Source Lab to expand the development resources to enable open innovation as we build a true cloud native world together. FOSS project developers can submit a request at You can view the press release on our partnership, which we announced today.

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