Built for the Sustainable Cloud

The Only Sustainable Option

Ampere® Cloud Native Processors deliver the highest performance per watt of power and as a result are the only sustainable server solution for data center applications. Ampere’s innovative architectural choices overcome the limitations of legacy x86 technologies to meet the performance, scalability and power efficiency needs of cloud computing today and in the future. By using Ampere Cloud Native Processors, Cloud Service Providers will also be able to meet the compute demands of the future with only a fraction of the power and real estate consumed today.

Disruptive Architecture

Ampere® Cloud Native Processors are a result of a fresh grounds up approach to architecture and design. This innovative framework not only allows us to deliver extremely high performance at the lowest power, but also to release products at high velocity.  Native single threaded cores with large private L2 cache and a massive core count delivers industry leading performance for cloud workloads. 

Performance and Performance/Watt Leader

In 2020, Ampere delivered the world’s first Cloud Native Processor. We then upped the ante, delivering the 128 core  Ampere® Altra® Max processor that is an industry leader by a large margin. These processors  deliver the highest “performance” and “performance per given watt” for popular cloud workloads across multiple solution domains as shown below.

Cloud Native Processors