Want to Check out Cloud-Native Ampere® Altra™ Processors? Ampere and Packet have you Covered!

Sean Varley – Senior Platform Management Director

As my colleague Naren Nayak discussed last week in his blog, data center CPUs are largely focused on the broader computing market. However, today’s cloud workloads need custom silicon for specific usage and applications. Ampere was founded to address the requirements of the modern cloud. Our cloud-native Ampere® Altra™ products deliver new levels of predictable performance, scalability and efficiency to handle today’s unique cloud demands.

In cooperation with our bare-metal cloud aficionado friends at Packet, Ampere launched a new program last week to give developers, customers and partners early access to our leading Ampere Altra family of processors.  The new program, dubbed the Early Access Program or EAP, has been designed to allow cloud access to a bare-metal instance of our new dual socket 2U server platforms! While we are ramping our new Ampere Altra line to full volume production, the demand from customers and partners to see this platform in action spurred us to get this program off the ground. We think this is such a compelling cloud platform that it warrants an early look for cloud native developers, and Packet’s focus on cloud hardware innovation made them the perfect partner.

What would you be getting access to by taking advantage of our EAP program?  Our team has provisioned a pool of servers at Packet’s Dallas data center with the following configuration:

Figure 1: Ampere Mt Jade 2U Platform
  • 2x Ampere Altra™ Processors
  • 160 cores @3.0GHz
  • 256GB DRAM @ 3200
  • 2x 1TB of NVMe SSDs
  • 2x 10Gb Ethernet connectivity

We think our processors are pretty fantastic and we want you to see for yourself!

Our performance teams have been busy in the labs proving our claims of leading performance and power efficiency and now we would like you to also get a crack at these servers! If you are a developer of cloud-native software or a prospective customer looking at adopting world-class core density with Arm v8.2+ compatibility, this is your program! Our testing shows that we have the most predictable performance in the industry as you scale workloads up the core ladder. This means more work gets done when you schedule it to get done with less variability in throughput. Developers across the cloud industry have been waiting for a product like this to begin tuning a workload for a system with this kind of predictable pipeline. Whether you are interested in benchmarks or early development and tuning; or maybe you just want a chance to test drive a top-of-the-line Ampere Altra server, this is your chance.

If you or someone you know would like to see these servers in action, you can request access to the program through our EAP program site. All requests for access are placed in a queue. Our team will do our best to schedule and provision them as instances free up for new service.

Access to our early samples does have some caveats. In order to gain access to the program all participants are required to have a Confidentiality Agreement (CA) in place with Ampere as well as a signed Technology Trial Agreement (TTA) before access is granted.

If you are interested in this program, please inquire by sending us an email at  evals@amperecomputing.com or go directly to the form to apply. You can read more about the Ampere Altra product family in this blog. Let the coding begin!

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