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How AlmaLinux and Ampere Filled the CentOS Project Gap
Team Ampere
07 September 2023

In a recent webinar, Peter Pouliot, developer advocate at Ampere Computing, teamed up with Jack Aboutboul, board member at AlmaLinux, to discuss how the AlmaLinux Foundation came into existence, how it fits into the complex and ever-evolving “CentOS” ecosystem, and why and how AlmaLinux uses Ampere platforms to help produce their Arm64 builds.

The webinar, “Talking Arm64 with Jack Aboutboul of AlmaLinux”, can be seen in its entirety here. The following is a short recap of the discussion and live Q&A that followed.

Watch the webinar on demand to hear more about AlmaLinux, their partnership with Ampere, and the Q&A that followed.

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Created At : September 5th 2023, 10:24:17 pm
Last Updated At : September 7th 2023, 10:59:11 pm
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