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Ampere One - Less Power is the New Power

Bring a new level of
performance to your cloud

50% higher than Genoa
68% higher than Bergamo

*As measured at the rack level on Redis

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Built for the Sustainable Cloud

Scalable Performance

Ampere® Altra® Family

Scaling from 32 to 128 cores, the Ampere Altra Family delivers the ideal mix of compute, memory and I/O for a broad spectrum of data center environments and the most demanding edge deployments.

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AmpereOneTM Family

Designed to push the boundaries with an industry leading 192 cores, the AmpereOne Family of processors are built for today's hyperscale cloud deployments requiring the most extreme performance and core density.

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AmpereOne Chip

Improve Workload Efficiency

Innovative Solutions

Cloud Native Processors deliver solutions that scale. From web and video service infrastructure to CDNs to demanding AI inference, Ampere products are the most efficient dense computing platforms on the market.

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Tools for Developers

From design and build to deployment cloud native solutions on Ampere processors is made easier with our developer assets. Shorten time to deployment with our Ampere-Ready applications, tutorials, and guides.

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Modern Compute Platforms

Ready to evaluate or buy? The Ampere ecosystem has a wide variety of platforms that can serve any need. Get started today building efficient, sustainable, and high performance solutions on Ampere.

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Annual Strategy & Product Roadmap

Learn about the newest, most powerful Cloud Native Processor, AmpereOne, and hear from our customers and partners about the performance and efficiency advantages of working with Ampere. 

Ready to Get More Performance For Less?

Triple Data Center Efficiency

Triple Data Center Efficiency

Ampere Developer Forum

Ampere Developer Forum

What’s Your Greatest Data Center Challenge?

What’s Your Greatest Data Center Challenge?

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