Oracle and Ampere have a shared view of Arm technology's value and are working together to help ensure that Oracle's industry leading cloud solutions are interoperable and perform well on Ampere's platform. The recent release of Oracle Linux for Arm is a result of our collaboration. It's free to download and use, and includes developer support and updates. With a large number of libraries, tools, and programming languages, Oracle Linux for Arm is an ideal development platform.

Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president, Operating Systems and Virtualization Engineering

Red Hat

Red Hat and Ampere are collaborating to enhance the experience of developers working on emerging Arm server platforms. We are excited to see Ampere taking strides to further build the developer ecosystem.

Jon Masters, chief Arm architect and computer microarchitecture lead
Red Hat

Packet/Works on Arm

The Ampere developer program is working with Packet and Works on Arm to give developers access to Ampere technology. Using Works on Arm, Ampere hardware is available through the program and will result in new developer opportunities to innovate for the future of the cloud.

Jacob Smith, Co-founder and CMO, Packet
Packet/Works on Arm

testimonial 4

We are excited that Ampere eMAG is shipping to customers and partners. We have been working closely with the Ampere team over the past several months and have been impressed with the team and technology.

Paul Ju, VP & GM Hyperscale
Lenovo Data Center Group


Ampere’s high performance, high memory capacity and 2P roadmap provide a strong platform to support Oracle’s enterprise workloads. We applaud Ampere for its aggressive roadmap and rapid progress.

Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect


We are pleased with the collaboration between Ampere and our teams to deliver the first generation of products. We look forward to continuing to see Ampere’s innovation in hyperscale cloud computing and working with them to deliver products to the market.

Dr. Kevin Zhang, Vice President of Business Development


The Ampere eMAG Arm-based SoCs and roadmap are well aligned with the demanding cost and performance requirements of hyperscale cloud computing customers. This underscores the accelerated pace of innovation and broad workload support that infrastructure customers should expect to see from the Arm ecosystem.

Drew Henry, senior vice president and general manager, Infrastructure Business Unit

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