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Ampere Launches Developer Program for the Cloud Computing Community
Pete Baker
17 Nov 2022

Hello, world. Welcome to the Ampere Developer Program

Ampere has announced the launch of its inaugural Ampere Developer Program for the cloud computing community. The program is designed to amplify the creativity of the cloud development community with more tools and information to help design sustainable data center solutions using Ampere’s world-class Cloud Native Processors. The program is free to anyone and will provide access to useful and actionable information for designing, building, deploying, and optimizing cloud native software.

There are currently an estimated 25+ million software developers in the world, with a projection of 28.7 by 2024, according to Statista. Harnessing the creative horsepower and collaboration of smart, passionate engineers spanning all platforms and languages in the world will move the industry forward to a cloud native future with tremendous momentum.

At Ampere, we’ve been hard at work establishing the first ever Cloud Native Processors, a strong roadmap of products, the critical software elements needed for those products, and a growing list of customers with available instances. The excitement around Ampere products has been invigorating. Now we’re ready to enroll the broader community to realize the high performance, scalability, and sustainability that Ampere processor technology provides.

What is available in the Ampere Developer Program?

The goal of the Ampere Developer Program is to create a community of like-minded developers who don’t want to sacrifice performance or developer ease for dramatic power benefits. Through regular communications, cloud native developers will have the opportunity to receive further education, information, and inspiration to innovate and design sustainable cloud computing solutions.

Here's what cloud computing developers can expect:

  • Developer Outreach: Includes the new Ampere Developer Center web site with curated content, a developer newsletter, updated YouTube presence, and podcasts.

  • Ampere Customer Success: Whether you’re an experienced Ampere developer or new to the architecture, there are options for you to test drive our growing library of Ampere systems. Existing customers will see an improved Customer Connect web presence and links to community software support and builds.

  • Developer Advocacy: We want to hear from developers and allow them to learn more about our technology. Stay tuned later this year for more information on our Ampere Ambassador program for developers, engineers, influencers, bloggers, and enthusiasts. Through our advocacy program, we will grow a vibrant ecosystem that includes engaging and educating other technical communities.

Who should take part in the Ampere Developer Program?

  • Software Architects: Get the information you need to implement the best software and services design. Look for information about choosing the right toolchain and runtime, understanding dependencies, and meeting performance and power requirements.

  • Engineers Building Cloud Applications: Understand the spectrum of build tools to confidently move from test to production.

  • Deployment Engineers: Learn how Ampere products can provide consistent, reliable, and well-managed deployments using the tools and methods you already know.

  • Developers and Data Scientists: Find the right information and tools for using data—such as Artificial Intelligence toolchains, frameworks, and library options including TensorFlow, PyTorch and ONNX Runtimes—and how to best integrate these into your software stacks.

  • Enabling the Open-Source Community: Learn how Ampere uses reference platforms and works with open-source communities, including operating system vendors and cloud providers. At Ampere, we understand that developers use systems, and will provide opportunities for developers to learn how Ampere uses reference platforms and how we work with the open-source communities—including operating system vendors and cloud providers—to align Ampere product features to an upstream-first development approach.

What content will Ampere provide for the developer community?

Expect to see information that fits how you develop. We’ll be providing:

  • Workload Briefs to show the benefits of running your favorite workloads on Ampere products in various instances. You’ll see dozens of briefs that offer information on performance and benchmarking, along with recipes for reproducing results to ease your transition and design.

  • Transition and Tuning Guides to provide step-by-step porting and optimization instructions for individual workloads. See examples on Hadoop, PostgreSQL, and Java, among others.

  • Reference Architectures will aid you in deployment by showing step-by-step guides running a generic solution in common environments.

  • Developer Blogs will focus on engineering and delivering information, not infomercials. Blogs written specifically for our developer community will be approachable documents that you can digest quickly. We’ll provide information on trending topics, narrow focus or wide interest, or wide interest with examples.

  • Tutorials will provide developers and devops the information you need to know for identifying, optimizing, building, and deploying specific workloads and packages. These will be detailed examples including sample code and pointers to repos for accelerating your understanding and use of Ampere products.

  • Whitepapers and Case Studies will share real examples from Ampere and our partners who have done the work and want to share their results. You’ll hear real-life stories for software porting, optimization, build and deployments, and hear tips and tricks along the way.

Together we’ll reach more developers, scale information to more customers with more use cases, and ensure the ecosystem is crafting complete and optimized stacks. We invite you to learn more about our developer efforts, - find best practices, insights, and give us feedback at: or sign up for our Developer Newsletter.

Built for sustainable cloud computing, Ampere’s first Cloud Native Processors deliver predictable high performance, platform scalability, and power efficiency unprecedented in the industry. Talk our expert sales team about partnerships or to get more information, or get trial access to Ampere Systems through our Developer Access Programs.

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Last Updated At : August 29th 2023, 10:30:54 am
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