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Pete Baker, VP, Customer & Developer Engineering
10 Jun 2022

Ampere had a tremendous response at the Microsoft BUILD virtual conference May 24-26, 2022. Build is an annual event that provides developers, engineers, IT professionals, students, and startups the opportunity to learn more about the latest innovations in code and application development in Microsoft technologies. This year it drew more than 190K registrations with over 40% being primarily software developers or decision makers.

With the recent announcement on Azure Virtual Machines with Ampere Altra in Preview, it was a terrific opportunity to engage with developers via this event.

Our platforms and programs give developers the freedom to accelerate the delivery of all cloud computing software. We are a part of a solution where developers won’t have to sacrifice performance and can gain dramatic power benefits. It’s good for the developer and good for our planet. With industry-leading cloud performance, power efficiency and scalability, Ampere Cloud Native Processors are tailored for the continued growth of cloud and edge computing. We’re eager to partner with the software ecosystem to advance the state of the datacenter and accelerate the availability and performance of common software components. In turn, this will enable more workloads and applications to realize the high performance, scalability, and sustainability that Ampere technology provides.

You can watch our videos on the Ampere Microsoft Build partner page. Let me share the highlights from the event:

Introducing Ampere® Altra® based VMs on Azure

Jeff Wittich, Ampere’s Chief Product Officer kicked things off to talk about new Microsoft Azure VMs based on our Ampere® Altra® processors. He spoke to SREs, DevOps and developers, highlighting the performance, predictability, elasticity, scalability, efficiency, and sustainability capabilities, and how the time of making hard compromises between them is becoming a thing of the past.

Cloud Native Web Infrastructure

Bhakti Hinduja shared her work around Cloud Native Web Infrastructure, highlighting how cloud native workloads like NGINX can surpass legacy x86 by up to 30% in price-performance on Azure VMs.

Cloud Native Databases Fly

We dove into a critical piece of cloud computing discussing significant performance on cloud native databases from Vaishali Karanth. She described our efforts to highlight cloud native workloads like Redis and Memcached and showed more than 30% price-performance benefit over legacy x86.

Cloud Native Workload Automation

‘It just works.’ Peter Pouliot dug into the intricacies of a problem facing many deployments: automation tools and cloud native workload automation. He showed how easy it was to configure an Ampere Altra based virtual machine on Azure.

A New Era in Video Encoding

John O’Neill showed industry leading performance on video encoding common formats: x264 / x265. Up to 3x faster and > 1.2x more energy efficient, this performance is ushering in a new era in video encoding where performance won’t suffer when considering power.

AI Inference at Warp Speed

Artificial Intelligence inference is creating insatiable compute demands. Victor Jakubiuk highlighted Ampere’s work to accelerate performance with a lower power envelope.

Partner Spotlight: Canonical

Canonical VP Regis Paquette sat with Ampere’s Dave Neary to talk through Ubuntu availability and the price and power performance advantages on Azure Ampere Altra VMs.

The Essential Nature of Cloud Native Processor: Foundations, Solutions, and Benefits

Sean Varley gave a comprehensive talk on the design principles of Ampere Cloud Native Processors and the advantages of larger core counts for service scale-out and higher energy efficiencies to provide flexibility to developers on real-world examples.

The audience response was exhilarating:

  • Within hours of the event going live, we received hundreds of signups for our developer newsletter from around the world who wanted to continue to stay in touch and hear more.
  • Overall visitors to our site represented 260 different companies from 47 different countries. The excitement for information was invigorating.
  • Ampere ranked in the top 10 in total visitors to our Showcase page, we were in the top 20% of all partners, highlighting the excitement for information and insights.

We’re unlocking the creativity of the development community and matchmaking it with our world-class processors. We invite you to learn more about our developer efforts, find best practices, insights, and tools at:

And of course, if you want to engage and haven’t signed up for our developer newsletter, it’s not too late.

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