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Cloud Native Developers get an Ampere Boost at KubeCon ‘23
Sean Varley, Chief Evangelist and VP of Business Development, Ampere
Nov, 7th 2023

Cloud Native software development practices have been a foundational force driving the largest applications and services in the world today. These software practices combined with at-scale cloud infrastructure from providers large and small - both private and public - have changed the way global digital services are developed, deployed, managed, and scaled to accommodate even the most demanding user growth profiles in the industry.

Some of the most common requirements that have come to define the behavior and nature of services designed in the Cloud Native manner actually derive a real benefit from running on Cloud Native Processors:

  • Elasticity
  • Containerization
  • Predictable performance whether stateless or stateful
  • Automation and DevOps management

At Ampere, we have been designing the processors that run dense cloud native services best since the inception of the company. Ampere platforms are now providing some of the most dense container pools in the industry which get provisioned on real cores - not threads – on some of the most utilized Kubernetes engines in the world from GKE to OKE and AKS. Wherever you need predictable, reliable, and cost-effective containers there is an Ampere partner providing that service.

This week at KubeCon Cloud Native developers have a whole set of new resources available to them for free thanks to a shot in the arm (pun intended) from two of Ampere’s partners: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Equinix Metal. Ampere has worked alongside the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to launch two new services providing free access to Ampere Arm-based infrastructure:

  1. First, a massive infusion of Cloud Credits on OCI Ampere Arm-based instances was announced by OCI to the tune of $3M per year over 3 years to CNCF projects that require dev, test or CI resources on highly elastic and scalable Ampere cloud compute available on OCI.
  2. The second is a pilot project to provide managed CI from Actuated for GitHub Actions to a number of seed CNCF projects made possible through the Equinix Open Source Partner Program.

These announcements usher in an era of major investment in the future of Cloud Native computing run on Cloud Native processors. This dynamic duo has only just begun to transform modern cloud services run at-scale. The many developers working everyday on CNCF projects now have the access they need to truly transformative technology for stateless and stateful containerized services. Recalling the characteristics of Cloud Native software development above, the new ground to be broken by developers will:

  • Provide a new standard in the elasticity required to underpin the next generation of cloud native services
  • Revolutionize the consistency of microservice based SLAs based on unprecedented predictability
  • Redefine the standard for pools managed by Kubernetes Engines, allowing them to scale both inside sockets and in racks with Ampere high core count processors
  • Drastically expand CI/CD service packages with native aarch64 support increasing tool chains and diagnostic capabilities for Cloud Native DevOps

The investments announced this week at KubeCon in Chicago will continue to pay off for some time to come. If you happen to be attending, the Ampere Developer team will be on-site at the show to answer questions about these announcements or assist in project inquiries to take advantage of these programs.

Want to learn more? See how Oracle is Expanding support for Open Source and Cloud Native, and 3 other accountments from Oracle at KubeCon.

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Created At : November 6th 2023, 10:22:11 pm
Last Updated At : December 20th 2023, 10:01:50 pm
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