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Changing the Game: CloudFest 2023
Amper Computing and Microsoft CloudFest
Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer

Earlier this month, Ampere once again participated in Europe’s premier cloud industry conference held at Europa Park in Rust, Germany. This year’s CloudFest was the largest to date with more than 8K people in attendance from over 65 countries worldwide. During the 3-day conference, participants gained access to deep knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer networking, and the opportunity to form strategic partnerships with some of Europe’s top cloud service providers and ecosystem players.


On day one, I delivered a keynote session entitled: Sustainability at the Core with Cloud Native Processors which addressed the critical importance for more sustainable data centers, specifically focusing on the hardware needed to accomplish this.

Ampere data denter processors at Microsoft CloudFest

With cloud compute contributing as much as 3.7% of global emissions and compute demand rapidly rising, the place to start to rearchitect cloud infrastructure with a “sustainability mindset” is with the CPU itself. In addition, my talk noted that the importance of scale across the data center requires a shift in how the industry measures performance. Performance per rack is now the best metric to drive both performance and power efficiency.

Build More Sustainably and Stop Data Center Sprawl with Ampere
Cloud Native Metrics that Scale: Performance per Rack

Ampere’s Cloud Native Processors, which are architected and designed from the ground up for the cloud, lead with the best performance per rack from their unique combination of high-performance compute and revolutionary energy efficiency. This is a game changer for the cloud, where performance is ultimately limited by the available power.

Ampere Computing and Scaleway for a sustainable future in cloud computing

I was joined on stage by Yann-Guirec Manac’h, Head of Hardware R&D at Scaleway, who spoke about their service based on Ampere Cloud Native Processors.

“With Ampere Altra we’re leveraging cloud-native instances, using rightsized VM provisioning; something most major cloud providers can't offer with traditional instance designs. All while establishing the best performance per rack in the industry.”

It’s easy to get started running your own workloads on Ampere:

  • Check software readiness via Ampere Ready Software
  • Give us feedback on what you’d like us to add:
  • Assess your stack using workload briefs and solutions guides
  • Evaluate using the right performance and energy metrics – power matters.
  • Start using packages and tools from your favorite repos like Bitnami, Github and cloud marketplaces.
  • Deploy on Cloud Instances broadly available
  • Engage with the Ampere Developer Community
Panel Discussion

Later, Sean Varley, VP of Product Marketing at Ampere, joined customers Lukas Hertig of Plesk/WebPros, Peter Ulrik Groth of HPE, and Glenn Johansson of GleSYS on a panel, moderated by Claudia Frese of Strato. The session, entitled Building Sustainable Data Centers, was a lively discussion that stressed again that the key to measuring data center sustainability is performance at the rack level and that building more sustainable data centers requires ecosystem collaboration between software, hardware, and service providers.

Ampere Computing thought leaders at Microsoft CloudFest
A warm reception for Ampere Cloud Native Processor manufacturer at Microsoft CloudFest

It was great to hear how they are using Ampere themselves to change the game: from building servers to running a cloud service to running their software.

Exhibit Floor

Throughout the show, there was steady traffic in Ampere’s booth where we showcased Ampere platforms from HPE, Supermicro, ADLink, and 7Starlake. In addition, five partners (2CRSI, AlmaLinux, Boston Limited, Gigabyte, and GleSYS) demoed Ampere-based solutions in their own booths.

Ampere Computing and partners, including Scaleway, at Microsoft CloudFest

In summary, the feedback and enthusiasm for what we are doing at CloudFest 2023 was confirmation that our message and products are spot-on and that the future of the data center is Ampere’s Cloud Native Processors. We look forward to coming back next year with even more success stories and amazing products.

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