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Meet the Team at Ampere — Alexa Korkos
01 August 2023

Meet Alexa Korkos 👋 she’s Director of Product Press and Media Relations, based in Phoenix, Arizona. We recently had a virtual cup of coffee to get to know more about her role and impact at Ampere!

How did you first learn about Ampere?

I was familiar with the company since its inception in 2017 but hadn’t been following the company closely until 2021. The longer I spent in the semiconductor industry, the more I believed in the gap Ampere was trying to solve. But what really sold me were the people I spoke to during my interview process. I walked away believing wholeheartedly that Ampere has what it takes to be a major player in the industry, and I felt excited about the opportunity to use my relationships with media to help other people see that too.

What are three words to describe Ampere?

Energized, Eager, and Driven!

What is something about you that people would be surprised if they knew?

I always told myself I would never work in tech. I wanted to be in political PR and did a couple of short stints on Capitol Hill in DC. About a year in, I got so homesick that I took the first job I could find that would get me back to California. That was where I got started in semiconductor PR and ended up loving it. It was a good lesson for me that sometimes life has a different plan for you than the one you thought you were meant to be on, and if you approach it with an open mind, you may end up on an even better path.

What's the culture like at Ampere?

Very open and approachable. In my experience, senior leaders are always willing to hear what you have to say and work with you, regardless of your level of experience. Ampere employees are also very motivated, and I’ve seen it firsthand that everyone is truly willing to go above and beyond to help the company achieve its goals. Plus, the people are kind and nice!

What is your favorite ampere value: Integrity & Transparency, Customers First, Discipled Innovation, Action Over Promise, Challenge Your Intellect, Inclusive & Fun Workplace?

Inclusive and fun Workplace is my favorite Ampere value. Feeling included is really important to me, especially since I’m in a different location than the rest of my team (currently in Phoenix, AZ) — but my team has done a really great job at ensuring I'm an integral part of the team.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I really enjoy tennis — I played competitively from age 4-17. I recently picked up a racket again and signed up for some local clinics. Now that I’m revisiting the sport and just doing it for fun, I have fallen in love with the game all over again and play every Saturday. It is one of the things I look forward to most each week.

Rapid Questions:

  • First job? Press internship at the US Senate in DC 🎓
  • Favorite emoji? 🙆‍♀️
  • Secret skill? Interior decorating 😍
  • Favorite snack? Feta and crackers 🧀

And we are hiring 🙌🏼 — Now more than ever, the world needs a new level of predictable performance and efficiency as we look to build the modern cloud. If that sounds of interest to you, join us at Ampere and work alongside a passionate and growing team:


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