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Open Source Firmware Monthly Cadence of New Releases for Ampere® Altra®
30 Sep 2021

Ampere is committed to supporting open-source firmware on its platforms. Open-source firmware is critical to the datacenter ecosystem and future innovation. Our customers require these solutions to work seamlessly on their platforms. In this whitepaper, we discuss how Ampere meets this need through our support for TianoCore/EDK, LinuxBoot, OpenBMC and OpenOCD.

We have established a monthly release cycle, which enables a rich set of features for Ampere Altra on the Mt. Jade platform as well as Ampere’s Altra Max™ SOC.

All firmware has been enabled for Ampere’s Altra® SOC ( on the Mt. Jade reference platform (

The software can be found at either and

We hope you find this whitepaper helpful in your development on Ampere Altra platforms. Reach out to us on Github with any questions.

Created At : January 3rd 2023, 9:43:11 am
Last Updated At : February 22nd 2023, 6:19:16 pm
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