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Pi Day 2023: From Zero to Cloud Native in 60 Minutes
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Pi Day is traditionally celebrated on March 14 every year. The date has significance as it can be represented as 3/14 in month and day number format—a representation of the number Pi. Hosted by Oracle, Pi Day is an annual celebration of the transcendental number 𝜋, one of the most famous mathematical constants. More than a celebration of 𝜋, Pi Day has grown into an annual global celebration of math, science, and technology.

This year on Pi Day, Bhakti Hinduja, senior principal engineer, and Peter Pouliot, senior developer advocate, Ampere Computing, will each be presenting a whirlwind guide to getting started with Cloud Native application development in containers. In these hands-on webinars hosted by Oracle DevLive, Bhakti and Peter will help you get started on your first steps towards Cloud Native application development on Ampere A1 instances on Oracle Cloud.

Watch the on-demand version of the presentation here: Pi Day 2023 - Americas

The Ampere Altra family of microprocessors are Cloud Native Processors offering up to 128 cores and delivering high performance, scalability, and unprecedented efficiency. Oracle offers a comprehensive line of Ampere A1 platforms that can run a diverse and broad set of Linux workloads such as web servers, open-source databases, in-memory applications, big data analytics, gaming, media, and more.

On Pi Day, developers can learn how to deploy WordPress on Ampere A1 instances.

Pi Day 2023: From Zero to Cloud Native in 60 Minutes

Explore the world of cloud native computing with Ampere! In this session, you’ll be taken through a a step-by-step process to take a commonly used web service, WordPress, and enabling it to scale using some of the basic techniques of cloud applications. By the end of the presentation, not only will you have a working WordPress instance to use on Oracle Cloud’s Always Free tier, but you will also have gained knowledge about how to scale any web service with these techniques.

In just 60 minutes you will:

  • Deploy a simple WordPress application in Docker containers
  • Learn how to mask internal application architecture behind a nginx proxy
  • Load balance multiple WordPress instances using the built-in capacities of nginx
  • Add a Redis object cache to enable our application to scale while reducing both Compute and database loads
  • Enable page caching using WP SuperCache to further scale performance

With these first steps, we will already scale the performance of WordPress beyond the needs of most users. We will also dig into the next steps required to run a secure, scalable web service in production.

After the session, the entire presentation will be available as a self-paced tutorial. In addition, developers will be invited to join Ampere’s active developer community with access to a variety of resources for deploying Cloud Native Processors in your applications.

International Pi Day

The transcendental number đťś‹ is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is approximately 3.14, which is why we celebrate it on March 14 every year. Since its inception, Pi Day has grown far beyond the celebration of a mathematical constant to a broader celebration of all things math, science, and technology related. Traditionally on Pi Day, Oracle has hosted a virtual event celebrating the intersection of technology and math, and all things Pi.

This virtual session is intended for people who are interested in taking their first steps in the cloud. During the session, you will learn about some of the basic technologies of cloud computing, from Linux distributions and Docker containers to common components of web services like nginx, Redis, and MySQL.

To enable developers from around the world to access this presentation, Oracle has created regionally based registrations to make it convenient for developers around the world to participate during a time most convenient to them, including NA/LAD, EMEA, and JAPAC.

The Ampere Developer Program

Whether you’re able to join the Pi Day virtual session or not, you’ll want to check out the Ampere Developer Center hosted on the Ampere website.

The goal of the Ampere Developer Program is to create a community of like-minded developers who don’t want to sacrifice performance or developer ease for dramatic power benefits. Through regular communications, cloud native developers will have the opportunity to receive further education, information, and inspiration to innovate and design sustainable cloud computing solutions.

At the Ampere Developer Center, you will find a collection of resources for moving applications to Ampere on one of the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) offering our platform.

Here’s who would benefit from the resources available to Ampere Developers:

  • Software Architects: Get the information you need to implement the best software and services design. Look for information about choosing the right toolchain and runtime, understanding dependencies, and meeting performance and power requirements.

  • Engineers Building Cloud Applications: Understand the spectrum of build tools to confidently move from test to production.

  • Deployment/Operations Engineers: Learn how Ampere products can provide consistent, reliable, and well-managed deployments using the tools and methods you already know.

  • Developers and Data Scientists: Find the right information and tools for using data—such as Artificial Intelligence toolchains, frameworks, and library options including TensorFlow, PyTorch and ONNX Runtimes—and how to best integrate these into your software stacks.

  • Open-Source Community: Learn how Ampere uses reference platforms and works with open-source communities, including operating system vendors and cloud providers. At Ampere, we understand that developers use systems, and will provide opportunities for developers to learn how Ampere uses reference platforms and how we work with the open-source communities—including operating system vendors and cloud providers—to align Ampere product features to an upstream-first development approach.

To find out more about what Ampere Computing can offer to developers, be sure to visit the Ampere Developer Center and sign up to the Ampere Community Forum.

Built for sustainable cloud computing, Ampere’s first Cloud Native Processors deliver predictable high performance, platform scalability, and power efficiency unprecedented in the industry.

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