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World’s first 128-core and 80-core cloud-native processor family: Ampere® Altra™
Ampere Altra Cloud Native Processor
Jeff Wittich, Senior Vice President of Products
17 Jun 2020

Just three months ago, we announced Ampere® Altra™, the world’s first cloud native processor, featuring 80 cores. Since then, we’ve been busy optimizing performance and sending systems to all of our top partners, including the world’s largest Clouds, to bring Ampere® Altra™ into volume production. At the same time, our engineers have been hard at work designing additional compatible cloud-optimized products to maximize overall performance and cores-per-rack density.

Today, we announced that the Ampere® Altra™ family has expanded to 128 cores with the tapeout of the Ampere® Altra Max™. This new processor is socket compatible with our 80-core Ampere Altra and offers the industry’s highest socket-level performance and I/O scalability. By adding to the core count and compute performance, we are expanding the range of choice within the Ampere Altra family. Whether you need maximum cores and compute, memory bandwidth and capacity, or IO bandwidth and attach, Ampere Altra has the flexibility to meet your needs.

I am amazed at the speed and progress of this significant milestone! We remain the industry leader in core count and it is driven by what our customers are asking for: specific but compatible products for different workloads. There is an insatiable need for more performance and more cores, easily deployable for Cloud Native applications.

Future workloads will demand higher scalability, core density and power efficiency while continuing to deliver predictable performance per core. Ampere is delivering innovation to meet all these criteria with Ampere Altra. We know customers need optimized product options to meet their unique workload requirements which is why we created a family of compatible products to meet their needs.

Nowhere is the enthusiasm for the high performance and core count of Ampere Altra higher than in the software developer ecosystem. With maximum compute, memory, storage, network, and accelerator attach, new use cases and applications are being created. In order accelerate innovation in the developer community and enable a thriving ecosystem, Packet, an Equinix company, is launching an Early Access Program for Ampere Altra, available now. Ampere and Packet are close partners in bringing the latest and greatest servers to key open source and cloud native developer communities, and are excited to accelerate the progress of the next generation cloud.

Ampere is innovating at a rate not seen before in the processor industry. We have a fully committed and funded roadmap to deliver products into the foreseeable future. In addition to the progress we have made with the Ampere Altra family, we have also taped-out our 5nm test chip. By proving out key features and IP of our next generation product, this enables us to reduce our time to market with our 5nm product scheduled for 2022.

The Ampere Altra Max will be sampling in the fourth quarter of 2020. We can’t wait to share more details with you soon. In the meantime, you can see the feedback from our partners and customers in these press releases.

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