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Delivering High Performance, Energy Efficient Cloud Native Processors.


Ampere is a semiconductor design company for a new era, leading the future of computing with an innovative approach to CPU design focused on high-performance, energy efficient, sustainable cloud computing. As a pioneer in the new frontier of energy efficient high-performance computing, Ampere is in a leading position driving sustainable computing for the Cloud, AI inferencing, and edge applications.

Ampere was founded in 2018 by semiconductor industry veteran Renée James. The company has grown to nine locations around the world and is known for defining and launching the industry’s first Cloud Native Processors — the Ampere® Altra® family with up to 128 cores. The Ampere Altra family of processors provide efficient computing solutions for a variety of computing needs from power and space-constrained embedded devices to edge computing installations to the enterprise and hyperscale Data Centers. The company’s flagship AmpereOne® family of processors, with up to 192 single threaded Ampere developed cores – the highest core count in the industry—is designed for compute environments requiring the highest level of performance, predictability, and scale.


Since the founding, Renée and her team have maintained a relentless focus on efficiency and performance, fulfilling a commitment to deliver a predictable and rapid annual cadence of products that lead the market. Ampere Processors significantly reduce power consumption across all cloud infrastructures and workloads, especially AI.

With an experienced technical team and a superior design methodology, Ampere is laser focused on innovating for cloud technology. Our goal is to deliver world class performance for Cloud Native applications and AI inferencing while ensuring the most power efficient processors in the market. Reduced power consumption can translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in profits and savings to customers. By providing a new level of predictable performance, efficiency, and sustainability, Ampere is working with leading major cloud suppliers and a growing partner ecosystem to deliver cloud instances, servers and embedded/edge products that can handle the compute demands of today and tomorrow.

Our Locations

North America & Europe

Portland - Ampere is located in the Pearl District in downtown Portland.

Santa Clara - In the heart of the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara is home to Ampere’s corporate headquarters, housing various hardware, software, and product-based teams in addition to corporate support functions.

Raleigh - The Triangle is a region in the Piedmont of North Carolina and is anchored by three major research universities and the cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.

Warsaw - The Ampere Warsaw office is located in one of the tallest buildings - Q22 among other international companies such as Deloitte and J.P. Morgan.


Bangalore - Ampere’s office is located in the IT zone of Bangalore and is home to hardware and software engineering teams.

Ho Chi Minh City - The Ampere Vietnam Design Center with various software and hardware teams is located in the Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone.

Shanghai - Shanghai is on China’s central coast and is the country’s largest city and global financial hub.

Taipei - Taipei is the political, economic, educational, and cultural center of Taiwan. Ampere Taipei includes product & applications engineering teams.

Hsinchu - Hsinchu is considered a significant centre for semiconductor manufacturing, industrial and computer technology development.

"In a world with increasing power constraints, we continue to find ways to deliver performance and sustainability.
This is the mission of Ampere."

Renèe James, Founder/Chairman & CEO

Our Team

Leadership team

Ampere’s executive leadership continues to build a culture of innovation and transformation that is challenging industry conventions. Discover more about the people who lead our efforts to deliver the future of sustainable computing.

Recently recognized by Fast Company’s 2023 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators List, Ampere is defining the next era of cloud computing – with a winning mission, purpose driven culture, and inclusive environment.

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