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Oracle Cloud World 2023

As energy costs rise and data center power and cooling strategies cope with the ever increasing demand for more cloud computing resources, providers and operators are left with a real challenge to meet these needs while balancing the costs and impact of building more data centers or optimizing the space of existing facilities with aging inefficient infrastructure. Adding to the challenges, municipalities are pushing back on new DC builds with referendums and moratoriums on increased power subscriptions needed to supply these projects. A panel of experts representing software, hardware and service providers will discuss how to address these challenges through technologies that can lower the absolute power requirements necessary to meet the rising demand for compute.


Building the More Intelligent Future of Cloud

Reduce energy consumption at the CPU level is key to reducing the Data Center physical footprint. Cloud Native Processors help solve real estate constraints.

by Renée J. James Founder/Chairman & CEO, Ampere

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Oracle Cloud World

Getting Started with Arm64 on Ampere and Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes

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Artificial Intelligence

AI Object Detection with Yolo v8

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Artificial Intelligence

AI Whisper Model - Text to Speech

Oracle Cloud World 2023: Featured Platforms

Mount Hamilton

Mount Hamilton 2U2GPU,

HPE ProLiant RL300 Gen11 - Front.jpg

HPE ProLiant RL300

Gen11 for the Next Generation


COM-HPC Server Extended ATX Workstation ADLink

7StarLake Rugged Vehicle GPU Computer


7Starlake AA320 Starlake

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