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Efficiency Footnotes



Data for the Composite Web Service study in the Efficiency campaign is based on single node performance comparisons measured and published by Ampere Computing. Performance data and the test configurations used to gather the data for each application is published on our web site. In particular, the following table shows the composition of a modeled web service based on best available data to determine scale-out behavior through projections and calculations at both Rack and Data center level. The primary applications used in this analysis are:

  1. Rack Level evaluation is based on the total performance required to scale out to 1 Rack of power budget for the Ampere® Altra® Max processors under the weighted load of the stated application composition above. Rack is based on a standard 42U rack with a total power budget of ~14kW including ~10% overhead buffer for networking, mgmt and PDU. Per server power is measured socket level power during fully loaded operation for each architecture, combined with an equivalent system level overhead for motherboard, peripheral and memory power draws. All socket power figures were measured by Ampere during live stress testing and the relative power efficiency ratings can be found at the links provided in the table above.

  2. Data Center level analysis is calculated from the rack level analysis and scaled linearly to fit a medium sized data center specification based approximately on publicly available data for the Bluffdale NSA facility in Bluffdale, UT.(1) The data center modeled is 100k ft2, where 65% of the space is reserved for the server room built on an 8 tile pitch. The total power capacity is roughly 66MW based on a PUE assumption of 1.2. More information on data center rack pitch densities can be found through a variety of publicly available analysis(2) Power savings data was calculated using an average cost of power at $0.11/kW Hour(4) and the difference between the best scaled power(Ampere) against the worst power consumption (Intel).

  3. Carbon equivalencies were calculated using the EPA equivalency calculator.(3)





Web TierApplicationComposition Weight(GB)Comparative Performance Info Reference
Front EndNGINX40%For Altra Max M128-26
Caching TierMemcached10%For Altra Max M128-26
Key Value StoreRedis30%For Altra Max M128-30
Back EndMYSQL20%For Altra Max M128-30


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