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Hetzner Online Announces Cooperation with Ampere

Gunzenhausen, Germany – 25. March 2022

Hetzner Online is one of the first European web hosting companies to place its trust in the expertise of the CPU manufacturer Ampere Computing. As part of this new cooperation, Hetzner is currently developing innovative ARM-based products to meet the market’s growing demand for modern IT infrastructure.

The computational and storage requirements in the industry are skyrocking thanks largely to the massive shift in IT process to the cloud and to the growth in artificial intelligence and machine learning. To remain well prepared for this and other future trends, Hetzner Online constantly develops new, powerful and scalable server systems.

"The new ARM processor architecture from Ampere is particularly impressive due to its highly scalable processing capacities, and it is also particularly designed for energy efficiency," says Sebastian Willer, Head of Product Development at Hetzner Online.

Ampere Computing was founded in the USA in 2018 and has built a reputation as an innovative developer of ARM-based processors.

"We look forward to working with Ampere towards the goal of providing our customers innovative and forward-looking solutions together," adds Sebastian Willer.

Created At : December 29th 2022, 6:49:30 am
Last Updated At : July 31st 2023, 5:09:31 pm
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