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NVIDIA and Ampere Computing Create Arm-based Server Platform to Stream Mobile Games

29 Aug 2022

BEIJING — August 29, 2022 — NVIDIA and Ampere Computing today announced the launch of the AICAN server platform to stream mobile games to end users directly from cloud data centers rather than requiring users to download them.

The AICAN — Android-in-Cloud-with-Ampere-and-NVIDIA — server platform uses Ampere® Altra® Cloud Native Processors and NVIDIA® GPUs that run Arm-compatible mobile games natively, without modification or emulation. The platform includes dual-socket Ampere Altra Max CPUs totaling an industry-leading 256 cores, with up to four NVIDIA A16 or up to six NVIDIA T4 GPUs, capable of supporting up to 160 concurrent users per server.

“Mobile is the largest and fastest growing gaming market with thousands of games optimized for the Arm instruction set,” said Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of Gaming at NVIDIA. “The AICAN platform is designed to run mobile games natively for the best compatibility, performance, cost and user experience and will help turbocharge the market growth of cloud-streamed mobile games.”

NVIDIA’s cloud gaming stack provides a high density and quality of service. Optimized for low-latency end-to-end rendering, encoding and streaming, the stack also brings the latest gaming advancements to the Android platform. The company’s dedicated engineering and quality assurance teams make it easy for partners to integrate quickly and keep up with all the latest titles. NVIDIA ConnectX® SmartNICs or BlueField® DPU networking solutions complete the platform by enabling smooth streaming with a high quality of service.

“With Ampere Altra Max’s leading core density, a single rack of AICAN servers can stream to approximately 2,500 mobile users at once,” said Jeff Wittich, chief product officer at Ampere Computing. “This makes streaming premium mobile games from the cloud much more accessible to a broad consumer audience while providing extremely competitive infrastructure costs to service providers for the first time.”

Figure 1: AICAN Platform Architecture

Ampere Computing and NVIDIA qualify and support the AICAN platform together. This makes it easy for cloud service providers and game developers to build and operate large-scale game streaming services. Several leading OEM server manufacturers are building AICAN server platforms, including Inspur and Huaqin.

Figure 2: Inspur Aoqin AICAN Server

“Inspur worked closely with Ampere and NVIDIA to design the Aoqin AICAN server with support for two Ampere Altra Max CPUs and up to four NVIDIA A16 GPUs, as well as two NVIDIA SmartNICs in a compact 2U form factor,” said Zhao Shuai, general manager of the Server Department at Inspur. “We are pleased to join with Ampere and NVIDIA to support our customers to scale out mobile game streaming solutions.”

Figure 3: Huaqin AICAN Server

The Huaqin AICAN server is compatible with Ampere Altra and Altra Max CPUs in a 2U form factor and is among the first to adapt to NVIDIA T4 GPUs in collaboration with NVIDIA for improved customer revenue. As one of the first AICAN server vendors in China, Huaqin is working with NVIDIA and several customers to explore cloud gaming solutions. It will continue to work closely with NVIDIA to jointly promote the development of the global cloud gaming market.

Figure 4: Home Screen of Tencent Pioneer Cloud Gaming APP

Interest in mobile game streaming is increasing around the world. By offering such services, Tencent Pioneer Cloud Gaming anticipates attracting more and more gamers to Tencent. “The support from Ampere Computing and NVIDIA is going to help Tencent Pioneer Cloud Gaming to reach the next level,” said Allen Fang, head of Tencent Pioneer Cloud Gaming.

Figure 5: Poster of Tencent Pioneer Cloud Gaming

Fang continued, “By running cloud gaming on Arm-based server platforms powered by Ampere and NVIDIA, we have reduced the storage space required for several of Tencent’s best games from 3-10GB to around 20MB. Users can play these games even on phones with limited storage space, which allows us to reach and cover a wider range of users and increase incremental revenue.”


Since its founding in 1993, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) has been a pioneer in accelerated computing. The company’s invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined computer graphics and ignited the era of modern AI. NVIDIA is now a full-stack computing company with data-center-scale offerings that are reshaping industry. More information at

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