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Software Defined Storage for Ampere Processors

As application workloads increase and computing needs become more demanding, the processing power needed at the storage layer also increases. To meet these demands, a flexible processing platform is needed that can effectively scale for all types of workloads, from the edge to the cloud.

The Arm-based Ampere® Altra® Family of processors are changing conventional thinking about accelerating storage workloads. The Ampere® Altra® (80 cores) and Ampere® Altra® Max (128 cores) AArch64 processors are complete system-on-chip (SOC) solutions built for large scale, high performance storage. In addition to incorporating many high-performance cores, Ampere’s innovative architecture delivers predictable high performance, linear scaling, and high energy efficiency. More importantly, the high IO bandwidth provides direct connections to multiple PCIe devices like NVMe and SSD drives, which are essential for heavy workload applications of all sizes from edge to the cloud.

  • Storage Performance: From basic FIO performance at the edge, to advanced unified storage solutions that provide object, block, and file interfaces through a cluster constructed from commodity hardware components such as Ceph, LINSTOR, MinIO

  • LINSTOR: An open source software-defined storage (SDS) management solution developed by LINBIT. With LINSTOR managing DRBD-backed storage, you can create a full-featured and production-ready solutions to high-availability at a large and disaster recovery problems.

  • Ceph: An open-source software-defined storage solution designed to address the block, file and object storage needs of modern enterprises. Its highly scalable architecture and being adopted as the new norm for high-growth block storage, object stores.

  • Object Storage MinIO: Available on every public cloud, every Kubernetes distribution (Kubernetes-Native), the private cloud and the edge.

Key Benefits

  • Ampere Altra family delivers disruptive value for large scale, high performance storage solutions

  • Provides up to 30M IOPS

  • Higher core counts compared to competitors

  • Predictable and linear workload performance

  • Low power consumption reduces your carbon footprint.

System configurations, components, software versions, and testing environments that differ from those used in Ampere’s tests may result in different measurements than those obtained by Ampere. The system configurations and components used in our testing are detailed here

Altra Max Vs. Intel Xeon Platinum 8280L

Tested Solutions


Ceph is a reliable, scalable and fault-tolerant storage solution that can handle block, file and object storage. It is open-source and cost-effective for modern enterprises and cloud environments.

OverviewArchitectureTested on Ampere
Lin Bit


Linbit SDS is a software-defined storage solution for Linux platforms. It is available in flavors for Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, etc. It provides block storage virtualization with a focus on performance, scalability, hyper-converged data-locality for high I/O performance, and resiliency through data replication.

OverviewHow it WorksFeatures





Samsung FIO Performance Brief


Reference Architecture

Ampere Ready Software

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