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Creating Ampere AI Virtual Machines on Microsoft Azure


Spinning up Ampere optimized framework VM on Azure

1.Go to marketplace at and type in “Ampere” into the search box. Select your VM image of choice - we offer Ampere optimized TensorFlow, ONNXRT and PyTorch - then click “Create”.

Ampere AI on Azure 1.png

2.Confirm your selection by again hitting “Create".

Ampere AI on Azure 2.png

3.Fill out required fields and modify the optional ones based on your requirements.

Ampere AI on Azure 3.png

4.Select a VM shape that will fit your needs. Learn more about various shapes Azure offers here.

Ampere AI on Azure 4.png

5.Verify your configuration and click on “Review + create”.

Ampere AI on Azure 5.png

6.After a moment, you should hopefully see “Validation passed”. Continue by clicking “Create”.

Ampere AI on Azure 6.png

7.You will be prompted to download your generated SSH key in order to access the VM later on - please do so.

Ampere AI on Azure 7.png

8.Shortly after, you should see “Your deployment is complete” message. Click on “Go to resource”.

Ampere AI on Azure 8.png

9.Look for public IP address assigned to your freshly created VM and copy it.

Ampere AI on Azure 9.png

10.Open console on your local system and execute following command after providing path to your previously downloaded SSH key and pasting in the copied IP address. The default user will be named “azureuser”.

Ampere AI on Azure 10.png

11.Congratulations! You have successfully launched an Ampere optimized VM image at Azure. Verify by importing the library in python and checking the exit code value.

Ampere AI on Azure 11.png

Created At : December 13th 2022, 5:51:51 pm
Last Updated At : March 22nd 2024, 6:11:30 pm
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