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"To create a place for people that want to do great work, invent, learn, and grow as we deliver the best products for the market segment that is driving compute now, the cloud … and have fun while doing all that!"

Renée James, Founder/Chairman & CEO, Ampere Computing

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When you begin your career journey at Ampere, you'll become part of a team that embraces collaboration, thrives on passion, and innovates through inclusivity. You'll have the opportunity to help shape our business, products, and future.

Join forces with experienced and forward-thinking technology leaders eager to work together, guide, and nurture the next generation of talent.

“Ampere has been a great starting point for me in the semiconductor industry. I have been exposed to a multitude of tasks and have had opportunities to interact with many different people within the company and the industry. The work culture is amazing and fosters a good learning environment where I am encouraged and empowered to do my best.”

Prathiksha Ramprasad
Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M


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