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Ampere and Equinix have collaborated to bring you a set of images verified to run on the c3.large.arm64 platform through daily regressions. These are common software packages found in many Cloud Native stacks that show the maturity of the ecosystem on the c3.large.arm64 bare metal instances.

Bare Metal Configurations

Ampere partners with the best system providers worldwide to deliver differentiated infrastructure for Cloud-Native computing. The platforms currently offered by Equinix Cloud Infrastructure is detailed below.

Equinix c3.large.arm64

It’s not every day that you see an 80-core processor that can run every core flat out at 3.0 GHz. Well, today is that day, thanks to the Ampere® Altra® Arm-based processor. Built from scratch for a cloud-native world, Ampere Altra is designed to deliver predictable high performance, linear scalability, and power efficiency. To take advantage of all these cores, we’ve outfitted the c3.large.arm with 256 GB of RAM, 1.9 TB of NVMe, and our standard 2 x 25 Gbps network ports.

DescriptionGeneral Purpose Compute
CPU1 x Ampere Altra Q80-30
Cores80 cores @ 3.0 GHz
Boot2 x 960 GB NVMe
Memory options256 GB
Network2 x 25 Gbps



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