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Ampere Ambassadors

Are excited about Ampere technology and Products and passionate about creating a thriving community

Ampere Ambassadors

Ampere Ambassadors program seeks to enable a vibrant Ampere ecosystem through promoting Ampere products and technology by engaging and educating the technical communities in which they participate. Ampere Ambassadors are a worldwide collection of developers, engineers, influencers, bloggers, or enthusiasts who are engaged with Ampere technology.

Ampere Ambassadors Gives/Gets

Ambassador Gets

  • Preview to Ampere programs & roadmaps
  • Access to development system(s)
  • Annual program review & feedback session
  • Direct line to developer relations and product teams
  • Ampere SWAG
  • Attribution on Ampere sites as ‘Ampere Ambassador’

Ambassador Gives

  • Feedback on Roadmap, products, and programs
  • Provide content (blogs, articles, papers, training, etc…)
  • Contribute to the community as a blogger, presenter, maintainer
  • Host local community events (meetups, hackathons)
  • Represent the Ampere community publicly
  • Be a community resource for people interested in Ampere


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