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Azure Ampere VMs Take the Spotlight at Microsoft Build
By Pete Baker
05 June 2023

This year, the Microsoft Build conference hosted more than 200,000 developers, IT professionals, and others seeking to advance their skills for cloud development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), .NET, and the latest innovations, tools, and technologies in the Microsoft ecosystem.

As part of that ecosystem, Ampere Computing participated in the event under the theme, “Good for the Developer, Good for Your Pocket, and Good for Our Planet” and shared our expertise in sessions designed to help developers migrate to our cloud native architecture and deploy their solutions on Azure Ampere Virtual Machines.

Developer Stories about Porting and Optimization

We were joined by partners and customers who participated in conversations about cloud native solutions and their success with Azure Ampere VMs, including these key topics:

  • Experts from Microsoft discussed Java applications for cloud native solutions
  • Developers from Datadog, an observability service for cloud-scale applications, led a discussion on the topic of observability
  • Representatives from Amadeus, one of the top ten travel technology companies in the world, shared their experiences on software migration. Their presentation illustrated the transformative impact of Ampere’s solutions on their business.

Each of these testimonials and case studies highlighted the performance, power, and cost benefits of running on Ampere-powered VMs in Azure.

Our team of Ampere experts weighed in on a variety of topics, including:

  • Optimized Artificial Intelligence (AI) frameworks
  • Deploying Java Apps on Azure Ampere VMs
  • How to go from zero to cloud native on Ampere
  • Making a Once-in-a-Generation Leap to Azure Ampere-based VMs

You can revisit all these presentations on the Microsoft Build Ampere webpage

Software Performance, Compatibility and Consistency

During the event, developers and cloud infrastructure professionals—eager to witness the capabilities of these VMs firsthand—attended in-person demonstrations of the capabilities and benefits of VMs with Azure powered by the Ampere Altra processors.

At the end of the first day, we sponsored our first developer meetup, “Ping Pong and Pints with Ampere”. Besides the obvious fun of getting together with like-minded professionals, Ampere experts engaged in conversations that revealed some of the topics and issues top of mind in the developer community.

Key issues in the Microsoft Azure community include:

Performance continues to be king for the software developer.

Software compatibility and multi-architecture migration is a concern.

  • Our partner story with Microsoft and Amadeus served as a case study for how large B2B deployments can see compelling value by using the Azure Ampere VMs.
  • We shared our library of transition and tuning guides as step-by-step directions for anyone hoping to transition their applications to instances of Ampere Cloud Native Processors.
  • Ampere Ready Software provides a summary of over 150 packages running in regression, and the host of supported OS and tools like GCC and LLVM, .NET, and OpenJDK out of the box.

Consistency is a core element of performance.

  • We heard from developers that it’s not just about getting results, but getting consistent, predictable results that allows for effective planning.
  • Ampere’s single threaded core CPU architecture and its resistance to noisy neighbor problems resonated with the developers in attendance

“One Key feature that Ampere provides is that fact that each CPU core is actually a full core and there is no hyperthreading in the picture and therefore one VCPU is really one full core & we can take advantage of this property while keeping the latency under control.”

– Didier Spezia, Cloud Architect, Amadeus

A Growing Software Ecosystem and Community

The focus of the Microsoft Build event was to foster engagement and knowledge sharing with the developer community. At Ampere, we appreciate that developing communities is key to building a software ecosystem and making an architectural transition. At Microsoft Build, we connected with hundreds of developers and fellow technology enthusiasts to foster valuable relationships, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. If you haven’t already, be sure to join our online developer community forum.

If you met us there, or even if you missed us, you can keep up to date on events, news, and content by visiting our Developer Center and signing up for Ampere’s developer newsletter.

At Ampere, we dream big. We don’t want developers to feel encumbered by legacy technology and constraints. If you’re looking for high performance, scalable, and efficient compute, try Ampere based VMs. It’s good for the developer, good for your pocket, and good for our planet.

Built for sustainable cloud computing, Ampere’s first Cloud Native Processors deliver predictable high performance, platform scalability, and power efficiency unprecedented in the industry. Talk to our expert sales team about partnerships or get more information and trial access to Ampere Systems through the Developer Access Programs.


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