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Triple Data Center Efficiency with high-performing Ampere Cloud Native Processors

Triple Your
Data Center Efficiency

Get Greater Performance Per Rack

2.5x better performance than x86

Performance per rack represents a new method for evaluating scale performance in power constrained environments—yielding more sustainable designs.

Overcome High Energy Costs

2.8x less power use than x86

Increasing performance at the expense of higher power consumption results in runaway costs. Curb energy consumption with Cloud Native Processors.

Solve Real Estate Constraints

3.0x smaller footprint than x86

Cloud Native Processors are designed to occupy less space while delivering the same or more compute power as legacy AMD and Intel counterparts.


Join us to learn how the new HPE ProLiant RL300 Gen11 — powered by Ampere —
is ushering in the next generation of compute efficiency.

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“We are particularly excited about the cost and performance of Ampere Arm-based VMs. Processor innovation is happening faster than ever, and the user experience of porting existing software is easier than ever.”

Khawaja Shams, Co-founder and CEO, Momento   See Case Study >

Greater Efficiency Across the Most Demanding Workloads

Sustainability at the Core

"From initial exploration to public beta, our engineering team was able to create a POC running on OCI Ampere A1 within six weeks.”

Lukas Hertig, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Plesk/WebPros   See Case Study >

Shorten Time to Deployment

Ready to get more performance for less?


The web services study here is based on performance and power data for many typical workloads using single node performance comparisons measured and published by Ampere Computing.
Details and efficiency footnotes are available here.

Created At : February 9th 2023, 3:58:12 pm
Last Updated At : June 5th 2023, 6:19:23 pm

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