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AmpereOne high performance Cloud Native Processor with up to 192 Cores

AmpereOne Family Product Brief

AmpereOne® 64-Bit Multi-Core Processors

AmpereOne® CPUs are the newest and most efficient Cloud Native Processors from Ampere with up to 192 high performance cores. Delivering best-in-class performance per rack, AmpereOne systems are ideal for compute environments requiring the highest level of consistent and predictable performance at scale.

AmpereOne compliments the existing Ampere® Altra® products and adheres to the same Cloud Native principles:

  • High Performance and Predictable
  • Elastic and Scalable
  • Power Efficient and Sustainable

AmpereOne delivers more cores, more memory bandwidth, more memory capacity, more IO bandwidth, and more cloud native features.

AmpereOne At a Glance
Custom Core Count144 cores | 160 cores | 192 cores
Private CachesL2: 2MB/core, L1: 16KB instruction cache/core, 64KB data cache/core
System Level Cache64MB 2x128-bit SIMD units
Memory - 8 channel 80-bit Up to DDR5-5200, 2DPC up to 4400.
- Up to 16DIMMs and 4 TB/socket
- ECC, symbol ECC, DDR5 RAS features
Connectivity128 lanes PCIe 5.0 with 32 controllers (1P) 192 lanes PCIe5.0 with 48 controllers (2P)
Cloud Features - BFloat 16
- Nested Virtualization
- Secure Virtualization
- Statistical Profiling Execution
- Pointer authentication (EPA2)
- Coherent mesh interconnect with distributed snoop filtering
- Single key memory encryption
- Memory QoS/bandwidth allocation
- MTE/Memory Tagging Extensions
Technology and Architecture - TSMC 5nm
- Arm v8.6+, SBSA Level5
Power - Up to 400W TDP supportable
- Advanced power management
High Performance and Predictable

AmpereOne processors with up to 192 cores operate at consistent operating frequency of up to 3.2GHz. Each core is single threaded by design, allowing high utilization under maximum loads and eliminating the noisy neighbor effect of multithreaded cores. Eight 80-bit DDR5 channels result in improved memory bandwidth and a larger addressable space of up to 4TB of memory/socket, resulting in overall high performance.

AmpereOne processor’s consistent frequency of operation, large L2 cache size of 2MB, and new memory management features combine to give a predictable performance in a multi-core and multi-tenant cloud environment.

In addition, a coherent mesh interconnect provides efficient bandwidth with 64 distributed home nodes and directory-based snoop filters to enable seamless connectivity between cores. Predictable data movement directory in high core count AmpereOne processor is ensured by the mesh congestion management and QoS enforcement features of AmpereOne.

Elastic and Scalable

Cloud resources are meant to be used to their fullest for the sake of efficiency, but it is not always possible due to the unpredictable nature of internet traffic. AmpereOne processor makes rightsizing the infrastructure possible so that applications are neither running at fraction of the max capacity, causing Capex increase nor running close to max capacity, and risking SLA violation.

AmpereOne cloud native processors provide consistent incremental performance on a per core basis. Workloads scale linearly as more processes are added to the single-threaded cores. For dense virtual machine implementations, more VMs can be provisioned on an AmpereOne high core count processor than any other compute in the industry.

Power Efficient and Sustainable

Datacenter efficiency is effectively measured by performance/rack which includes power consumption, rack density and the physical data center footprint. The AmpereOne Cloud Native Processor leads all server computer products in the performance/rack metric. As a result, enterprise and cloud service providers can benefit from lower power consumption, higher operational efficiency, and lower cost of operations.

AmpereOne, as a dense compute product, allows cloud native workloads to scale out, providing maximum rack capacity, outperforming legacy x86 products at rack level. The resulting efficiency gains help reduce IT Opex in the order of $10M-$100M.

Data center operators and IT designers can now have the advantage of high-density compute environments to meet their unprecedented compute capacity demands. Additionally, a lower carbon footprint with AmpereOne will allow IT enterprise managers to meet aggressive ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals and shorten the time to Net-Zero emission initiatives.

Flexible System Configuration

With up to 128 lanes of PCIe Gen5 (32 GT/s per lane) per socket, AmpereOne provides the flexibility to add up to 32 off-chip devices, including networking cards, storage/NVMe devices, GPUs, and other accelerators. AmpereOne based platforms are well-suited for a variety of system configurations delivering the high performance for large capacity storage, networking, AI inference, and the newest generative AI models and applications.

AmpereOne Enhanced Security
Speculative Side Channel Attack MitigationAdditional protection against a class of potential attacks that use side channels
Buffer Overflow Protection/Memory TaggingPrevents a class of potential attacks that use buffer overflow to compromise data
ROP/JOP Attack MitigationPrevents a class of potential attacks that use types of application exploits used in the past to compromise processes in execution
Crypto and Entropy AccelerationImproves performance for RNG, SHA512, SHA3 cryptography algorithms
Single-Key Memory EncryptionProtects memory from being maliciously read by unauthorized actors
AmpereOne Products
Product NameCoresSustained Frequency (GHz)TDP*

*Note that the actual power usage depends on specific operating conditions (workloads, clock frequency etc.) and is different (lower in case of highly power-efficient Ampere Cloud Native Processors) than the specified TDP.


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