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Cloud Gaming Test Notes

Benchmarks were performed with both Mt Collins dual socket Altra server and Mt Snow single socket server with Altra Max processor with the follow configurations:

Mt Collins:

  • 2x Altra with total 160 cores @3.0GHz
  • 512GB DRAM
  • 1TB NVME
  • 4x NVIDIA T4 (2 on each socket)

Mt Snow:

  • 1x Altra Max with 128 cores @3.0GHz
  • 512GB DRAM
  • 1TB NVME
  • 4x NVIDIA T4 (4 on one socket)

On Mt Collins, a 2P system, instances are pinned to specific GPU and CPU (cores) according to the NUMA map. Each GPU renders 30 instances of Android containers and encodes the final surfaces. The 80 cores of each CPU socket are isolated to the 60 instances running on the two GPUs attached to the same NUMA (socket).

On Mt Snow, Android instances are partitioned 30 per GPU, while sharing all 128 cores in a single NUMA domain.

Game frames are rendered at 1280x720@30fps. After encoding, they are streamed via UDP based RSTP. Data packages are transmitted via NICs if clients are connected or discarded if no clients are connected. Client connection does not materially change the results.

CPU and GPU performance data shown were collected when all 40-120 containers are running games in steady state, without any clients attached, i.e., all frames are discarded after encoding.

With these settings, benchmarking results show that CPU utilizations are incredibly low. For Java based Plaformer3D, the CPU utilization is less than 40% while the CPU utlization is less than 20% for NDK based BombSquad.

Note: Data taken is very game title dependent. CPU and GPU performance will vary depending on:

  • Other game titles
  • Container stages such as creating, starting, and removing containers
  • Game stages such as start-up and tear-down.

System configurations, components, software versions, and testing environments that differ from those used in Ampere’s tests may result in different measurements than those obtained by Ampere.

Created At : April 29th 2022, 9:21:40 pm
Last Updated At : May 30th 2023, 8:42:15 pm
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