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CIDR Overview

Here at Ampere we believe in full automation and continuous best practices for all of our development activities. To meet our goals of a fully automated software environment we built a system called CIDR: Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Regression.

CIDR is a framework composed of industry-best tools sitting on top of a robust database and analysis layer. This is all built using Python, Django, Postgres, serverless cloud environments, and more. We use CIDR to ensure that all of our systems and software meet the rigorous quality needs of the modern data center.

Our CIDR data analysis tools are purpose-built to handle both functional and performance tests, giving us a complete picture of how our software performs on real hardware.

Results and data that you see in the CI/CD section of this portal are all collected using the CIDR infrastructure with Ampere bare-metal at its core.

Find more details in our All About CIDR article.

Created At : March 15th 2022, 5:22:46 am
Last Updated At : April 25th 2023, 5:06:20 pm
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