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Ampere has tested a set of 130+ images verified to run on the OCI Ampere A1 platform through daily regressions. These are common software packages found in many Cloud-Native stacks that show the maturity of the ecosystem on the A1 instances.

Oracle offers a comprehensive line of Ampere A1 platforms that can run a diverse and broad set of Linux workloads such as web servers, open-source databases, in-memory applications, big data analytics, gaming, media, and more. In addition, OCI makes accessing this new infrastructure very easy with generous access programs such as:

  • Free Tier Program: Gives prospective customers easy access to prototype, test and try before they buy
  • Always Free Tier: Shapes that are 4 Cores and 24GB of memory are always free! Tuck in those small shapes without adding cost
  • Arm Accelerator Program: Apply for credits that are good for up to a year to really dive deep on this unique infrastructure


Elasticsearch on Oracle VMs based on Ampere

DeathStarBench Social Network on Oracle VMs based on Ampere

Spark on Oracle VMs based on Ampere

Hadoop on Oracle VMs based on Ampere

PostgreSQL Tuning Guide

Performance Spotlight

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Elasticsearch on Oracle VMs based on Ampere

Learn how Ampere Altra takes Elasticsearch to a new level on OCI

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DeathStarBench Social Network on Oracle VMs based on Ampere

DeathStarBench is an open-source benchmark suite developed at Cornell University. It includes several end-to-end services, one of which is the social network application.

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Spark on Oracle VMs based on Ampere

Apache Spark is an open source, distributed processing system used for big data workloads. It utilizes in-memory caching, and optimized query execution for fast analytic queries against data of any size.

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Hadoop on Oracle VMs based on Ampere

The Apache Hadoop framework is designed for distributed processing of large data sets intended to scale out from a single server to thousands of machines, each offering local computation, storage, or both.

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OCI Ampere A1 Platform Configurations

Ampere partners with the best system providers worldwide to deliver differentiated infrastructure for cloud native computing. The platforms currently offered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are detailed below.

Get a virtual instance featuring Ampere Altra right-sized for your workload with OCI Ampere A1 Flexible VMs. OCI leads the market in performance/$ on many workloads.

OCI Ampere A1 Flexible VM Shapes are extremely versatile. These shapes can be sized to fit the requirements of almost any workload. OCI's convenient configurators makes building and launching Flexible VMs easy while allowing the operator to maximise their cost and footprint efficiency leaving little stranded capacity behind.

Flexible VM Shapes Overview
DescriptionGet a VM instance that is configured by a sliding scale for cores and memory
Compute ShapesScalable 1-80 Ampere® Altra® Cores
Memory OptionsScalable 1GB to 512GB DRAM
NetworkScalable 1-40Gb Ethernet
Network OptionsVNIC Options Configurable with up to 24 VNICs
Block StorageBoot volume customisable up to 32 TB
PartnerOracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


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Get Access to OCI Ampere A1 Bare Metal

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Get Access to OCI Ampere A1 Free Tier

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