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Designed For The Modern Cloud

And The Future of Compute

Innovative processor architecture—designed for the new era of compute and an energy-
constrained world—delivering unprecedented efficiency and performance. 

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Sustainability at the Core

Predictable High Performance

Increase compute capacity and decrease the number of racks required in the data center. Realize the greatest performance per rack, per watt, and per dollar in the industry.

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Highly Scalable by Design

Achieve high utilization and consistent performance under maximum loads with the most single-threaded cores, eliminating the noisy neighbor effect of multi-threaded cores.

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Unprecedented Sustainability

Cut the cost of your data center operations in half by reducing energy consumption and real estate requirements, optimizing rack space, and lowering your carbon footprint.

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Ampere® Altra® Family

High performance, lowest power for modern compute environments. Ideal for Cloud Native and AI workloads from the edge to on-premise, and to the cloud with lower power and cooling capacity per rack.

  • 32 to 128 Cores
  • 1MB Private L2 Cache per Core
  • 8 channel DDR4
  • 128 lanes PCIe Gen4
  • 40 to 180W


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AmpereOne® Family

The most efficient Cloud Native CPU with up to 192 high performance cores. Delivering best-in-class performance per rack, AmpereOne is ideal for compute environments requiring the highest level of consistent and predictable performance at scale.

  • Up to 192 Cores
  • 2MB Private L2 Cache per Core
  • 8 channel DDR5
  • 128 lanes PCIe Gen5
  • 200 to 400W


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Platform Comparison Tool

Ampere partners with the best system providers across the world.

“We were pleasantly surprised with the ease of portability to Ampere instances.”

Khawaja Shams, Co-founder and CEO, Momento

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Developer Center

Guides and tutorials to design, build, and deploy cloud applications using Ampere Cloud Native Processors.

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