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Redis is an open source, in-memory, key-value data store that is typically used as a database or a cache. Redis is popular in many web service infrastructure installations.

As a scalable cloud-native service, Redis runs extremely well on Ampere Altra and Altra Max processors. As seen in the performance charts, Ampere processors outperform the legacy x86 architectures by large margins in bare-metal tests performed under strict SLA conditions.

Data shown:

  • Performance: Throughput measured in total Requests per second
  • Power Efficiency: More Throughput delivered per Watt
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Key Benefits

Ampere Altra Max processors deliver disruptive value for Redis:

  • Fully Supported and backed by Canonical
  • High performance, low power, and high container density
  • Developer platform for prototyping, developing, and running Android apps
  • Broad platform ecosystem with high GPU density

System configurations, components, software versions, and testing environments that differ from those used in Ampere’s tests may result in different measurements than those obtained by Ampere. The system configurations and components used in our testing are detailed here


Ampere Altra Systems

Ampere Altra and Ampere Altra Max. These systems are flexible enough to meet the needs of any cloud deployment and come packed with Ampere's 80-core Altra or 128-core Altra Max processors

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Testing & Regression

Regression Testing Results

100% Verified / 0% Unverified
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Resources for Redis

Continuous Test Infrastructure

Here at Ampere we've built an extensive infrastructure focused on Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Regression (called CIDR).

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Test Information

Our testing runs 24/7/365 in our regression infrastructure.

Basic Functional Test

Verified vs. Unverified

Results are categorized as either 'Verified' or 'Unverified'.

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Test Notes

Test and build infrastructure can encounter complexities or unexpected speed bumps. Known incidents and their resolutions will be documented where applicable.

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Test Systems

Date,Platform and OS details of verified test results are displayed on hover bubble.


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