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Ampere has tested a set of 130+ images verified to run on the Dpsv5 platform through daily regressions. These are common software packages found in many Cloud-Native stacks that show the maturity of the ecosystem on the Dpsv5 instances.

Microsoft offers a comprehensive line of Azure Virtual Machines that can run a diverse and broad set of Linux workloads such as web servers, open-source databases, in-memory applications, big data analytics, gaming, media, and more.


AI Inference on Azure Solution Brief

Cassandra on Azure Brief

Elasticsearch on Azure Brief

Getting started on Azure Ampere VMs with OpenSUSE using Terraform

Getting started on Azure Ampere VMs with Debian using Terraform

Hadoop on Azure Brief

Kafka on Azure Brief

Memcached on Azure Brief

Redis on Microsoft Azure Workload Brief

Spark on Azure Brief

x264 on Azure Brief

x265 on Azure Brief

Performance Spotlight


NGINX on Azure VMs based on Ampere

NGINX is a high-performance HTTP web server that is widely used for cloud web applications. As a web server, the performance of NGINX depends on compute, memory, and network performance making it a great test subject for the overall performance of our processors.

> Performance> Brief

x264 on Azure VMs based on Ampere

The x.264 library, which implements the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard is very widely used today in a variety of video streaming services, runs extremely well on Ampere processors at scale.

> Performance> Brief

Redis on Azure VMs based on Ampere

Redis is an open source, in-memory, key-value data store that is typically used as a database or a cache. As a scalable cloud-native service, Redis runs extremely well on Ampere Altra and Altra Max processors.

> Performance> Brief

AI on Azure VMs based on Ampere

ResNet-50 v1.5 performance

> Performance> Brief

Virtual Machine Configurations

Ampere partners with the best system providers worldwide to deliver differentiated infrastructure for cloud native computing. The virtual machines currently offered by Azure are detailed below.


The new Dpsv5 series virtual machines are based on the Ampere Altra 64-bit Multi-Core Arm-based processor operating at up to 3.0GHz frequency. Dpsv5 VM-series are engineered to run several Linux enterprise workloads such as web servers, application servers, open-source databases, .NET applications, Java applications, gaming servers, media servers, and more.

The Dpsv5 virtual machine sizes provide an even better value proposition for a broad range of general-purpose Linux workloads compared to equivalent x86-based Azure VMs.

D2ps v528 GiB0 GiB D2pds v528 GiB75 Gib
D4ps v5416 GiB0 GiB D4pds v5416 GiB150 Gib
D8ps v5832 GiB0 GiB D8pds v5832 GiB300 Gib
D16ps v51664 GiB0 GiB D16pds v51664 GiB600 Gib
D32ps v532128 GiB0 GiB D32pds v532128 GiB1,200 Gib
D48ps v548192 GiB0 GiB D48pds v548192 GiB1,800 Gib
D64ps v564208 GiB0 GiB D64pds v564208 GiB2,400 Gib


The Dplsv5 virtual machine sizes offer one of the lowest price points of entry within the general-purpose Azure Virtual Machines portfolio. The VMs provide 2GiBs per vCPU and do not have any temporary storage. These VMs are engineered to provide a compelling value proposition for many general-purpose Linux workloads that do not require larger amounts of RAM per vCPU.

D2pls v524 GiB0 GiB D2plds v524 GiB75 Gib
D4pls v548 GiB0 GiB D4plds v548 GiB150 Gib
D8pls v5816 GiB0 GiB D8plds v5816 GiB300 Gib
D16pls v51632 GiB0 GiB D16plds v51632 GiB600 Gib
D32pls v53264 GiB0 GiB D32plds v53264 GiB1,200 Gib
D48pls v54896 GiB0 GiB D48plds v54896 GiB1,800 Gib
D64pls v564128 GiB0 GiB D64plds v564128 GiB2,400 Gib


Amadeus Improves Performance/Price by up to 47% with Ampere

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Cloud Native Processor Leadership on Microsoft Azure VMs

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Azure Virtual Machines with Ampere Altra Arm-based processors

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Ampere Altra Now Available on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

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VMs featuring Ampere Altra

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