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DSB Social Network - Transition and Tuning Guide
DSB Social Network - Transition and Tuning Guide

IntroductionAcquire and Navigate DeathStar Bench Source CodeUnderstanding Scope of Changes to the Source CodePorting Dependent Binaries: Replacing AMD64 Binaries with ARM64 binariesPorting Bitnami Containers: “mongodb-sharded”Porting Bitnami Containers: “redis-cluster”Porting Bitnami Containers: “mcrouter”Porting DeathStarBench Source CodeGenerating Docker Images from Social Network source codeSetting up Kubernetes Cluster on BareMetal ServersLaunch Social network module on BareMetal ServersRun Workload From Remote Client on ClusterAppendix
DSB Social Network - Transition and Tuning Guide


DeathStarBench is named after the graphs that visualize the complicated interrelationships between microservices, which resemble the Death Star from “Star Wars.”

Deathstar Graph A graph showing interrelationships among microservices – known as “death star graphs” for their resemblance to the Death Star from “Star Wars.”

DeathStarBench is an open-source benchmark suite for cloud microservices. It includes five end-to-end services, four for cloud systems, and one for cloud-edge systems running on drone swarms.

The suite includes a social network, a media service, an e-commerce site, a banking system and “internet of things” applications (which allow objects to send and receive data) for coordinating swarms of drones in scenarios such as disaster recovery.

Our application of interest in this suite is social network and we will focus on porting the source for this module to make it compatible with Arm64 architecture.

A high level overview of the social network suite can be seen below as a interconnect of multiple services at different layers including the Front-end, Logic and “Caching and Storage” layer.

DSB Social Network Chart.svg

The software is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. The image gives a quick insight into the permissions, limitations and conditions involved in usage of this software.

Apache License 2.0.

Deploy to Oracle Cloud

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