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Deploying Cloud Applications

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Deploying software in the cloud offers tremendous flexibility and choice. With those options comes new tensions on engineers deploying that software into test and production environments. The speed, efficiency, quality, and cost of those deployments can be a strategic business advantage. Whether you’re considering cloud platforms, choices around containers, virtual machines, functions, or deployment tools, here you’ll learn how Ampere products can provide consistent, reliable, well-managed deployments using tools and methods you know.


Energy Efficiency of Ampere Altra Running Modern Cloud Workloads

In February, I blogged about the performance of Ampere® Altra® on four key modern cloud benchmarks. These workloads showed the Ampere Altra Q80-33 beating the AMD EPYC 7742 processor...

by Naren Nayak – Sr. Dir. of Application Engineering


Workload Briefs

Elasticsearch on Azure Workload Brief

AI Inference on Azure Workload Brief

Memcached Workload Brief

NGINX Workload Brief


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