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Triple Data Center Efficiency with high-performing Ampere Cloud Native Processors

Innovative Solutions for Cloud Native Workloads

Workload compatibility for sustainable data center solutions and powerful performance in the cloud and on the edge.

Leading Performance Across Popular Workloads


Fully supported and backed by Canonical, Ampere Altra Family delivers value, performance, and efficiency for developers using Redis.

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NGINX on Ampere Altra Family processors delivers nearly 4x better compute efficiency at scale when compared to legacy x86 processors.

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Running Memcached on Ampere Altra Max delivers up to 1.74x higher performance and up to 2.66x the energy efficiency of x86 processors.

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Comparisons of Ampere Altra Max to x86 processors showed improvements of up to 36% in performance and 2.02x in energy efficiency with Ampere.

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In testing with Cassandra, we demonstrated up to 1.33x higher performance and up to 1.9x greater energy efficiency than the competition.

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...and more

We support more than 150 of the most common workloads with higher performance and efficiency than the competition.

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Comparisons between the major legacy X86 architectures
and the Ampere Altra Max Cloud Native Processor running on five of the most popular cloud native workloads.

Cloud Native Processor Workload Performance

Performance Per Rack

Get reliably greater performance per rack based on real-world scenarios on popular workloads in every compute environment—from the cloud to the edge.

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Energy Efficiency

Significantly reduce energy consumption and improve performance per Watt by up to 67% when compared to legacy x86 processors on common workloads.

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Efficient Web Services

Improve efficiency, overcome high energy costs, get more performance per rack, and reduce your footprint for demanding web services workloads.

Web Services Solutions

Cloud Native Solutions for Every Environment

Customer reference board (CRB) platforms from Ampere
Ampere AI

Altra processors deliver exceptional performance and power efficiency for AI workloads on three free downloadable frameworks: TensorFlow, PyTorch, and ONNX.

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Start Realizing Greater Performance and Efficiency in Your Workload

Ampere Ready Software

All things Cloud Native are found here running their best on Ampere Altra.

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Developer Community Resources

We make it easier to design, build, and deploy cloud applications with resources, technical documentation, and guides.

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We’re here to answer your questions and get you started on the road to sustainability in your data center or on the edge.

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