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Hadoop is open-source framework to store large data sets from gigabytes to petabytes. Hadoop is designed to scale up from a single computer to thousands, each offering local computation and storage.

Hadoop enables an ecosystem of open source software to deploy and parse huge data sets. Hadoops distributed nature is designed to deliver high availability and handle failures of servers and its components at application layer. Hadoop uses cluster of servers to analyze data in parallel. It can handle both structured and unstructured data.

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Key Benefits

Ampere Altra Max processors deliver disruptive value for Hadoop:

Cloud Native: Designed from the ground up for “born in the cloud” workloads, Ampere Altra can deliver much higher performance over its x86 peers.

Consistency and Predictability: Ampere Altra processors that are designed for cloud native usage, provide consistent and predictable performance of Hadoop solutions and bursting workloads.

Scalable: With an innovative scale-out architecture, Ampere Altra processors have a high core count with compelling single-threaded performance. Combined with consistent frequencies for all cores, Ampere processors make big data workloads scale up and scale out efficiently.

Power Efficient: Industry-leading energy efficiency allows Ampere Altra processors to hit competitive levels of raw performance while consuming much lower power than the competition.


Ampere Altra Systems

Ampere Altra and Ampere Altra Max. These systems are flexible enough to meet the needs of any cloud deployment and come packed with Ampere's 80-core Altra or 128-core Altra Max processors

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Testing & Regression

Regression Testing Results

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Resources for Apache Hadoop

Continuous Test Infrastructure

Here at Ampere we've built an extensive infrastructure focused on Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Regression (called CIDR).

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Test Information

Our testing runs 24/7/365 in our regression infrastructure.

Basic Functional Test

Verified vs. Unverified

Results are categorized as either 'Verified' or 'Unverified'.

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Test Notes

Test and build infrastructure can encounter complexities or unexpected speed bumps. Known incidents and their resolutions will be documented where applicable.

DockerHub Introduces Image Pull Limits (2020.11)

Test Systems

Date,Platform and OS details of verified test results are displayed on hover bubble.


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